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Unsure when it’s time for a first exam? We’re here to help! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be seen by an orthodontist at the age of 7. But don’t worry, Mom and Dad, most kiddos won’t end up needing braces until around age 12, when all of their adult teeth have come into the mouth. There are only a small handful of reasons Susie might need early treatment, and we will be sure to walk you through that process.


While every bite is unique, most teens' treatment lasts on average two years. The most common questions I get: Are braces really painful? The answer is no. You know when you run a lap on the track and you haven’t run in a while, and your legs are sore the next day? Yeah, braces are like that. They can be sore, but nothing you can’t handle. Some teenagers are candidates for Invisalign as well, where clear aligners replace the metal brackets to accomplish tooth movement. We will be sure to go through the benefits to each treatment type to help you decide.


Did you know that in the US about 30% of orthodontic patients are adults? It’s never too late to change your smile, close a gap, or align that one tooth with a mind of its own. We’re here for you! And no, the treatment will not hurt. We offer traditional braces, clear braces and Invisalign (clear plastic trays that help to align your teeth). We prioritize efficiency so you can fit appointments into a busy Central Oregon lifestyle. Stop in and we can review the advantages to each type.

First Visit / What to Expect

The first sit-down visit with our team will help put your mind at ease. We will discuss your teeth and bite, and what the overall treatment could look like for you.

We will review cost, with or without insurance, and what your responsibility will look like throughout the duration of treatment. No high-pressure situations and no obligations. Just smiling folks with a passion for talking about smiles.

(Some might call it an “obsession.”)



Once you’re ready to get going with treatment, we will gather the records we need and schedule a date for the appliances to go on. (“Appliances” is a fancy word for the braces or other treatment tool.) We will review in detail how to care for them and how to care for yourself while in treatment. We will also give you the scoop on how to keep your teeth sparkly clean while in treatment and how to prevent broken brackets. After the first visit, we schedule out the next few appointments, each separated by several weeks.

What to Do in An Emergency

Good news! Many orthodontic emergencies can be prevented with good home care and sticking to the guidelines. Sometimes something as simple as a pencil eraser can alleviate a poking wire. For the rest of the emergencies, we’re here for ya.
Just a phone call away.

Braces FAQs

Can I change my braces colors?

Yep, every time you come for an appointment you can choose from our selection of rockin' colors — from neon pink to clear, depending on how high or low-profile you want to look.

Is Invisalign truly invisible?

Just about. If you look closely you will be able to see the clear plastic trays and tooth colored buttons, but most folks are very happy with the esthetic result.

What if I lose my retainer?

You won't be the first person to lose one! Dr. Woods lost hers once in a lunch tray at Jewell Elementary School and she and the principal dug through the dumpsters until they found it. (Don’t worry, she washed it off 😊) In short: we will show you the costs for replacements and go from there.

What if I had braces before and the crowding came back?

Many folks are in the same shoes! That’s what we are here for, to discuss different treatment options for you and to get you a stellar retainer this time that will help keep your beautiful smile how you like it.

How can I make my first appointment?

Give us a call today and we will get you on the books for a sit-down to get the ball rolling. It's that easy! 

Ready to get started?